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Character Bio: Diode

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Name: Diode
Species: Beagle and Dalmatian mix
Age: 28
Gender: Male

Diode is one of my not quite old and not quite new characters. He actually used to belong to the artist Chibiqueen. I instantly fell in love with him and admittedly was a bit sad that he wasn’t up for adoption. Fast forward a little over a year later and she decided to get rid of him! I hopped on the bid immediately and took him in as one of my own!

Diode works as a librarian in a quiet, strange little town. His interest in the occult and super natural led him down a path he wasn’t quite expecting. In his book collecting and thirst for knowledge, he stumbled upon a spell that promised insight and the ability to gain knowledge from the past. Little did he know however, that sometimes things are not as they seem. Sure the spell worked and all, but not how he intended.

Art by Lotix

Now this pup has to wear a shirt over his massive chest eye when he goes out. The eye helps him see things he sometimes wished he didn’t have to see. But it’s not all bad. He can also now talk to spirits! Though usually this is done involuntarily as many use his body as a host. He’s a medium if you will. This new found ability left him with an unusual habit of sneezing and dripping ectoplasm. Oh well, at least he knows what the afterlife is up to. That and it seems he hasn’t gone insane from seeing things between dimensions, at least not yet.

Art by Missacoon
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