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Fabric Shopping

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Recently, my boyfriend talked to me more about his interest in making/designing clothes. He’s totally the type to pick up stuff like sewing easily. So after talking about it more, he decided one of the things he wanted to make first would be some stockings for the holidays! Due to COVID, we haven’t had a ton of money, nor do we want to expose ourselves and others just to do some shopping. We decided a few weeks back that we’d be better off doing some crafting and baking for the holidays instead, so stockings were a great idea!

Today we decided to go to Joann’s. Figured most people would be out frantically shopping for Thanksgiving and that the store would be relatively quiet. As it turned out, we were right! There was only a few people in the store and virtually no one in the fabric area.

So we got to browsing. Found these cute Paw Patrol beanies while on our way to the small scrap swatches. I really wanted Tracker but I think I’ll hold out for the Build-A-Bear one sometime soon. But I couldn’t get distracted! We were on a mission!

We saw so many cute patterns, I was cryin’! Care Bears, 101 Dalmatians, Pokémon, I wanted all of them. But we weren’t there for me or Nano, we were there for family! So we grabbed the fabric our family would enjoy the most, as well as a few cheeky extras, and made our purchase.

Here are the fabrics we grabbed for our fam. The mermaids and unicorns are for Nano’s nieces, Grateful Dead for my dad and Sloths for my mom.

I also grabbed a pack of small fabrics for myself <u< I wanted some adorable little patterns for the future. Thinking of asking Nano for a bib or a quilt. I love them so much! Just another thing that made this day a good one. Can’t wait to see what Nano makes! And I hope I can keep being his little helper 😀

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