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Happy Thanksgiving

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Just a short little post today. I just wanted to say how thankful I am for everyone! I know some may see it as cliché, but I really do mean it. It’s been a rough year for everyone, some more than others. Rather than being bitter for what the year took from us, I want to try and end the year on a positive note.

Thank you for everyone I interact with out there. Thank you for the support you give me. Whether on Patreon, commissions, or just positive feedback that keeps me going. Everything is valuable to me and very much appreciated. Doesn’t matter if you’re American and celebrating Thanksgiving with me or someone across the map, I mean it all the same!

Thanks to my closest friends who are still with me and helping to keep me sane though everything. You guys are crazy and I love you for it! I hope you’re all making the best of this holiday and the time with your loved ones. Hopefully you’re self quarantined or celebrating over a call 😛

I’m ultra thankful for my sister. She’s always the telepathic not twin I need when things are rough. I’m glad she’s always willing to help as well as there when I need her. I’m proud she’s done so much for herself and I’m thankful this year hasn’t gotten her down. No one understands my hidden language quiet like she does.

Then of course, I wouldn’t be as happy as I am now if it wasn’t for the best boyfriend ever, Nano. I swear I would be a depressed lump if it wasn’t for that man! He keeps me positive, grounded, focused and always reassures me in everything I choose to do. I’ve made such great improvements to my life thanks to him. The future looks bright and I’m excited for living the rest of my life with him. I can never thank him enough for being who he is with me.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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