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New Friends Acquired!

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After waiting too long, my new plush pals came in the mail! They came in Monday actually but just been too busy to make a post!

When they came in on Monday, I worked quick on giving them some proper baths. I wanted to make sure all of us were safe and plus, who doesn’t like baths? Not to mention Rudolph joined them in their bath time! Once they were out, I made sure to dry them real good.

Now that they were nice and clean, it was time to make them feel at home. So I gave them a few hugs and got them all comfy on my bed. This was their new bed as well after all.

All they needed now were some good, fitting names and they would be right at home! I decided after much debate that Stein the bat and Percival the dragon were the perfect names for them! They’re both twin brothers in their hearts and now they are my new friends!

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