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Been Blah

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Sorry I haven’t made a post in ages, been rather meh here lately. Ordered some new Paw Patrol organizers for my room so I could fix it up, but they both came 2 days late 8c Then while getting hyped to do a big house clean, my boyfriend Nano and I both came down with something. We’re still not sure what it is yet. Just achy, coughing, and shivering. It’ not terrible, probably the flu.

So with all of that, the last week has been rather bland. No energy to do stuff and when I did put aside time to clean, I couldn’t without somewhere to put my stuff. Sadly put a real damper on my mood but what can you do?

One thing I’ve been doing though is getting back into selling Pokémon mystery boxes. I was doing a ton of them in the beginning of the year, they sold super well. I had to put a stop on them though because I ran out of some supplies and time. Luckily I’ve found the will to keep going.

Here’s some of the packs I was working on last night with Nano’s help. Every box has 50 loose cards, two card packs and some mystery items. They’re really fun to make so I hope they sell again!

I’ll post more tomorrow, have better stuff to talk about if I’m not sick.

Big thanks to everyone who reads these <3

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