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I’m Back!

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Sorry for the long break. As I mentioned before, I was sick. Not just for a few days, but about two weeks. Just it wasn’t the flu, we ended up with Covid :c Luckily my boyfriend Nano didn’t get too sick. He didn’t feel great for a while, but didn’t get too fevery and didn’t suffer from breathing issues. I didn’t feel too bad at first but I ended up really sick later in the week. Shivering, couldn’t breathe well, got out of breath just from standing up and walking a few feet, plus the loss of taste for a week. Was a real bummer not being able to do anything for Christmas.

We’re not sure how we got sick, considering how careful we’ve been. Honestly we’ve been self quarantining since March. Plus we wash down really well and clean the things we interact with. Even when it comes to shopping, Nano usually does it alone to minimize our chances. Just must have been a real fluke.

We feel better now though and that’s all that matters. We both have very subtle coughs but the CDC says that can last for a while after losing symptoms. I don’t mind though. Honestly I’ve felt really positive since everything happened. I was really scared there for a while. I’ve never been that sick in my life. Really made me appreciate being healthy.

So I hope to get back to updating this place often c: Can’t wait to share stuff with you all!

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