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I’m so unsure, advice?

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So one issue I’ve had ever since I made this blog has been the decision of whether to make it SFW or not. Now, as I’m sure you all know, I do enjoy NSFW themes, a lot actually. It’s both my job to create NSFW media for multiple outlets but it’s also a hobby and something I’m passionate about.

My issue is though, a lot of the things I want to talk about here are almost entirely SFW. I wanted to use this platform as a way to express myself without limits. Things such as sharing past stories, sharing my interests and attempting to get in touch with my little side (which is purely SFW for me). So far, minus a post about a trade I did with a friend, this place has been inherently clean, and I do enjoy that.

I suffer a lot from wanting people to like me though. I want to please the masses. I enjoy too many things; one day I will write about it. Basically, I just have too many conflicting interests. I’d love to just have one instance on social media and art sites, but people either hate the conflicting subjects or they only focus on one subject and the others get drowned out. Because of this, I’ve had to separate my things. I have an account for ABDL, one for my main furry art and one for all the weird and kinky things I’m into. I’ve tried in the past to keep everything contained to one place, but it never works out. Both when attempting to make friends and from a business standpoint.

I bring this up because I feel the same way with this blog. Even though I want it to be whatever I want it to be, I also feel very… weird about mixing NSFW and SFW. Partially because I want it to be inviting so I can find people to share my interests with, and also because most people aren’t like me. They come here for the apples but nope out when I post oranges, and that’s valid. I know you could argue “Your real friends/fans will stay for you!” or “It’s your blog, do what you want!”, but the issue is, I want to attract new people. I really want to find people out there who genuinely click with the things I share. I feel like keeping it SFW wont stop that from happening either. Just I wonder if I actually feel that way or if I’m trying to convince myself.

So I ask anyone willing to help me, what do you think? Should I keep it more SFW yet still post all the things I want, or should I be open to sharing mature and kinky thoughts and stories as well? What do you want to see/read from me? I wont be upset and you can tell me in private. I genuinely want to know. Yes this blog is for me and no one can change that, but it really makes me happy knowing people read my posts and I want to continue to experience the joy it brings me. So please, if you can, let me know with a PM or a reply c:

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  • I personally think you should keep it the way it is. Worst case scenario: you attract new people, and they discover your nsfw, and then get angry, as is common on the net nowadays. There’s also the chance of kiddos finding your nsfw elsewhere when they shouldn’t.

    You’re an adult content creator, as well as a sfw content creator, but it’s going to be impossible to separate these two identities online.

    I, for one, would love to see you be more open about kink here. It fascinates me to read about that kind of stuff.

    Happy New Year, I hope you’re recovering well.


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