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So this will be a post talking about my, I guess you’d call it a nostalgic fixation. It will have some drawings I’ve commission mixed throughout. It is mostly tame but just in case. Basically it’s just me discussing my interest in why I like the 80s, 90s and early 2000s so much.

So as I am sure almost everyone knows, I freaking love the 90s, and to an extent, the 80s and early 2000s. I was born very early in the 90s and I had an amazing childhood for the most part. I was mostly raised as a single child. I do have a sister who is not blood related and we were partially raised together, but we still had our own parent and homes. I don’t want to say I was spoiled because of this but I kinda was. I was never a brat though, just since it was just my dad and I or sometimes my mom and I, we were able to do some fun, personal things.

I’d like to think I did it all as a kid, I wasn’t always happy but I was rarely upset. Now a days it’s quite the opposite. I do have boyfriend I love deeply, two amazing cats, and I can afford a house for us to live in. Yet I still find the world not to my liking. Of course the stresses of being an adult has something to do with it, but I genuinely believe some things were just better in the 90s.

Art by Cavitysam @ FA

The world was fit with bright colors, we had all new flavors like blue raspberry, cartoons were making a major comeback and toys were at their peak! People weren’t as afraid to be loud and have fun. Sure it could have been the kid in me, but honestly everyone just seemed happier back then. Sure we’ve made some AMAZING strides in the past decade, but I do miss some aspects of my youth.

Due to all my fond memories of being a kid and missing the overall pep everyone had back then has lead me to have this odd fixation for nostalgia. It’s not inherently sexual, just it gives me the good feelings. Something about the setting and the characters just make me feel calm. Like for a moment I can forget about the stresses of being an adult. Sounds nuts right?

What is it that falls into this category you ask? Lots of stuff and a lot of it is for sure subjective. I mostly just like to talk or remember old memories. Try and recreate things the way I remember them being. Sometimes it’s just watching cartoons with dino nuggies. It actually plays a lot into my little side.

A huge fav of mine is getting high and just watching old tv commercials and bumpers or just cartoons that remind me of being a kid. For a moment, I can pretend I’m back in the 90s and not dreading opening twitter to the next “once in a life time” horrible event of the week.

Art by Hindy-Poo @ FA

I know it doesn’t seem that weird, but things like this do mean a lot to me. Honestly one day I hope I can really put a 90s spin on my art and the content I create. I like being known as that weird rule 34 artist that loves the past. It’s my greatest interest and any content involving 2005 and older just makes life seem brighter.

I know this post was rather vague, but it’s hard for me to put into words. But if anyone is interested, you can ask me any questions you might have over on my blog here under “ask me anything”, or send me a PM/Curious Cat. I’d LOVE to talk about this more and answer any questions people might have!


If you want, I have a side tumblr I use for reblogging things that give the good brain juice. Maybe you guys will enjoy it too: BLOG HERE

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