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Forgive Me!

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Sorry for not being active here. I’ve wanted to make more posts but honestly guys, I’ve been too busy and too depressed to really post much. But I’m really trying to pull myself out of that slump and be better.

What have I been doing? Well the usual art as always, but more than just that. I’ve been taking some time to play a single player game, Digimon Next Order, and I’ve been enjoying it. The game is… not perfect unless you like grinding a lot, but it’s still fun and it’s been nice playing something different for the first time in ages.

Not only that but I’ve actually been putting small amounts of time into practicing my art and style. A huge reason I’ve been depressed is that I just don’t feel like I have time to spend improving my skills as an artist. I pretty much work weekdays and weekends, day and night on art and it’s so tiring. When not actively drawing, I do a lot of talking with customers or keeping up with my online presence, which I am no good at.

I’ve also been organizing my card collection. I had soooo many loose cards to put away, it was ridiculous. Heck even now I’m still short 12 binders and I already have over 60 of them. My room is still a mess and it stresses me out but I’m really trying to clean it up with help from Nano.

Then finally I spent a few short days working on taxes and doing appointments. It was stressful and I owe a ton, but at least it’s done for now. I also got my first vaccine shot! I’m going to get my second next month and I cannot wait! My parents also got theirs and I’m dying to spend time with them again. Corona has been real hard on me and I am so thankful that I had the chance to get my shot.

So yeah! Sorry for a wall of text! I’m trying to be more active on here. I feel creative and I want to talk about that more c: So hope to share more soon!

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