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Why Is Art Hard?

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As I mentioned recently, I’ve been rather depressed. A massive reason for this is I just have no idea what I want to do in art. I’m sure a lot of artists feel the same way every now and then, but it sucks none the less. I’m always torn in everything. When it’s not themes and subject matter, it’s types of art.

Currently I’m struggling with my sense of style. I both kinda dislike my current style and also want to try different things out. Currently I think I’m torn between a fuzzy, dream like style reminiscent of old 80s and 90s cartoons; as well as a toony, painterly style. I suppose I could do a mix of both since they’ve both been lots of fun.

The other thing I’m at war with is my want to do traditional art. Because I lack the free time to do personal project often, I need someone to pay me to do traditional art. It’s the only way I can afford the time it takes to create it. But I’m stuck in this endless style. No one wants to commission me for traditional art. I think it’s both a mix of people think they don’t like traditional art and not ever seeing me draw traditionally. But I have no time to draw traditional art because no one will buy it from me, and they wont buy it without constant exposure to it. Thus I am stuck.

Really, I think I would be happiest if people just took the chance to commission me for more traditional art. I love shopping for crafty accessories and getting to really use my hands and talent. I actually feel good about my traditional art and it’s a shame no one seems to really care about that side of my art.

It’s not just that but I also really want to do more clean art. But when you’ve been a NSFW artist for most of your online life, no one wants clean art from you. It’s the same as traditional art. I don’t draw it enough to amass a big enough following, so no one wants it. I feel guilty and rude asking people to share my clean art, but try as I may, I can’t get anywhere with it. It’s very soul crushing.

Sorry to rant! But I need some place to put it all. Have any of you ever struggled with something similar? Do you have any advice? I’d like to hear what you have to say.

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  • Do not worry about picking up a style; let it come to you. Study art and artists you like, study from life and let a style emerge from that.

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