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A Fun Day of Traditional Art

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After my sit down about traditional art the other day, I decided to spend the day working on a traditional piece. Now it wasn’t a personal piece or anything, but still a really fun commission! It was my first full colored, traditional piece in probably years. Even back when I was doing traditional art more often, it was rare that I would draw a background to accompany my art.

To make things even better, I previously bought a bunch of new inking and gel pens to work with. Made me feel like a kid again to crack open some new art supplies and toy with them before I went to work on the commission. I can’t wait to have enough time to do some personal art with them.

The whole experience really reminds me why I love art again. I hope it’s something I get to do more often. Traditional art is just my favorite way to draw and I never get to experience it anymore. I feel like it’s my strongest skill and it’s a shame I only get to do it maybe 2-3 times a year now a days. Though, I got a lot of nice comments today so maybe it’s not such a distant dream after all!

Also! If anyone was curious, the art stuff I recently bought and used in this image were Hethrone inking pens and gelly roll gel pens. I wanted a wide variety of colored inking pens to give my art more depth. I use colored lines for most of my digital backgrounds and I wanted to carry that into my traditional art. As for the gel pens, I use them to add small details such as white highlights and small accents, kind of like the diaper patterns seen below. I have some used specifically to draw on dark surfaces. Makes things pop!

Here’s some of the pics I uploaded to twitter, made sfw of course.

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