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It’s My Burfday

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Yeah! Usually I’m not too vocal about my birthday but thought I’d mention it for once.

Not much planned for the day! Was going to go visit my parents so they can tell me how to watch their house when they’re away next week. After that though, I just want to take a small trip to the mall to grab some pretzels. I got my second vaccine shot so I’m not too afraid of going out anymore. Be my second time going to the mall in over a year ;o;

Sadly most of the day will be spent cleaning my room. I don’t want to but eh, I guess I have to! My room has been a real mess lately due to mine and the bf’s side job. Requires a lot of room and constant receiving of packages.

The big fun comes on Saturday when I have a few (also vaccinated) friends coming over! We’re just gunna chill probably. Maybe make a few drinks and just chat the night away. Also! One of my friends is going to be installing my new SSD card! So excited! Finally my computer will stop crashing and running like poop 😀

But that’s it! Nothing too big or exciting. Just time spent with friends and that’s all I could ask for!

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