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Some Updates!

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Not much to say here but thought I’d mention what I’ve been up to.

Lately I haven’t been drawing as much as I want to. My computer savvy friend informed me that my CPU is dying. Everyday something causes the disk to run at 100% and I have to restart it 3 times before it will work. Even then it’s slow as hell with nothing running. But as mentioned in my last post, at least I have an SSD card being installed today! Big hype!

I hope drawing improves with the new SSD and fans. As of now, I can’t draw on big canvases without my computer lurching or sai just straight up crashing. It’s hard for me to draw on large canvases but I do want to have the chance to do it if I so require. Plus rendering wont stress me out as much I hope. In the past, every save was a prayer that I wouldn’t corrupt 10 hours of work.

Aside from the computer I haven’t been up to much! Really high taxes have me holding back on my card collecting. I want to go out and look for or buy my missing cards but it’s impossible when you owe so much.

At least I have Neopets! Got super into it again recently and been a ton of fun. I only wish I had friends to play with :C I have one but they’re kinda mad at Neopets right now so I feel like a burden at times lol. Oh well, at least they make me happy!

Actually debating blogging about my pets and characters some. I need to get more into the habit of updating this blog but also about talking to people. Who knows, maybe people will like my Neopets blurbs lol.

But that’s all for now. Expect more soon!

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  • Hi Klotz! I’m a new follower. I was stunned to find your blog, it’s very unusual that I find a… kindred blog, so to speak? If you take a quick look at mine I’m sure you will know what I mean. Being so “niche” I feel quite lonely in the blogosphere at times. ^_^; I would love to see more posts from you, whether Neopets, your characters, any topic really. I love your posts. Keep at it!

    • Oh yeah I see what you mean! I think I’ve seen it before from Nate’s blog. I remember asking them about their theme when my bf found it for me. Though I love mine and both of yours, I hope I can commission a custom one someday!

      And thank you! I’ll have to give you a follow because it’s nice to see other blogs as well. It is quite lonely.

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