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I know I’ve mentioned this a few times on twitter, but I’ve been really into Neopets lately. It’s been fun to engage in a game from my childhood as well as have something really simple to play between art. So I want to share with you guys some of my new babies. I’ll just share my main account with you now, but maybe I can share my sides later if you all are interested!

These guys are my mains! Abel was a gift from my friend Fate. She doesn’t play much anymore so she gifted me one of her unconverted pets. That means they still have the OG Neopets art and not the newer ones from 2009. He’s very special and I love him! Then there’s Emo. She’s my, well emo pet. Mutant Cybunnies were always one of my favs as a kid and having her now is like finally getting a dream pet. She’s great! Both her and Abel don’t fit my theme I’m going for on my main, but eventually I want to trade them to my side account.

I want my Nostalgiczilla account to be all my cute kid/baby/nostalgiacore pets. So I want all of them to have themes like childhood, 90s, etc. First of those being KidZone. I basically imagine him as the “Whoa totally radical” kid you’d see as the leader of the pack. Real Burger King Kid’s Club kinda vibe. Honestly my idea was to base him on Kid Vid from the BK KC haha. He’d be the brave one to stand up to bullies and give you a quarter at the arcade. Real big brother energy.

Then there’s LittleAgre, which is supposed to be short for ageregression. It’s a term lots of people on tumblr and other sites use to specify sfw ageplay stuff. For people with the little head space but don’t engage in more mature themes. So she’s just the baby of my pet group. Really timid and quiet. She’d rather play with her toys but doesn’t want to be left out. Spiritual sister to KidZone (KZ). I need to make refs of all of them but here is a little ref I’ve been working on for her:

She is my precious baby and totally my main focus on the site right now!

Next is my bratty boy PlaygroundRules. He’s like the kid that doesn’t understand that they play too rough. He ends up calling them all babies, but then he gets mad (and sad) that people don’t want to play with him. He lives close to the park so he claims he’s the king of the playground and makes all the rules. He’s also kind of the rival of KZ. Playground (thinking of calling him Peegee for short) doesn’t like how everyone wants to play with KZ and not him. He just wants some friends deep down though UoU

Then SpookyScares is another pet I plan on swapping over to another account soon. He’s going to be a spotted Gelert with Halloween colored spots in cute little shapes. He’s also a bit of a bully and like spooking people. I hope to have enough np to buy a potion for him soon!

So yeah those are a bit of my pets and ideas I have for them. Currently working hard to get enough points to paint some of my pets. The site is a little broken with no flash so I can’t really make a lot of money right now. But it’s still bee a lot of fun and got me back into drawing for myself more. I haven’t done personal art actively in years and I feel like this has given me an outlet and a challenge and it feels amazing!

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