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I Need To Change

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Long story short, I’m just at my breaking point. It’s not because of anyone in particular or any one incident, but I am just sick of where I am in art. I haven’t been happy with it for a long time. I addressed it in my last post but it’s just the accumulation of a lot of things. Long story short: I’m not in love with my current style and I want to change it, but if I do, I fear it will cause backlash. I want to focus more on artistic freedom commissions and less mature images but I worry people wont commission me with those stipulations. I want to work more on improving but can’t practice on commissions.

So basically, I just want to change but commissions are my livelihood. I’m not in a place where I can take a break from working. So honestly, I’m going to attempt to see if people will accept my new ideas and art style. I’d love to make the change to my new content because drawing it really does make me very happy.

If you are reading this and you’re interested in a commission, please do know that I’m in a period of transition. I’m working on changing things in my art so it might not always be super consistent. But if you’re okay with that, I’d love sharing my new style with people!

Also I do want to say that I’m not saying I don’t plan on coming back to my old style, not at all. I just want to experiment. Doing commissions full time and never doing personal work or having time for it has left me very rusty. I no longer take time to practice and improve because my whole day is dedicated to commissions. So I just want a little bit of a break is all, but a long break. After I get some fresh air in me and a new perspective on art, I am sure I will come back to my old style and be better than ever.

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  • As someone who struggles with mental and physical issues that make a “normal” job difficult please know I take that into consideration when I suggest this. Right now, there are a lot of job openings. I’m not going by news articles, I’m seeing them personally. What I would suggest is this… take a part time job, doing whatever. Even if sucky, just tell yourself it’s part time and it’s temporary. And if it gets unbearable you can leave it and go back to the prior commission situation (which I know you aren’t happy with, but you give yourself a mental out if you aren’t used to a normal job after years of commission work). Do this for maybe a few months, while you experiment. Even just 2 months of no commission work AT ALL, just experimenting, will do wonders for you. You do need to be able to fulfill some client expectation –even if given full artistic freedom (the bulk of what I take) people want to know if they are getting shading, full color, line art, etc. You can find many approaches to providing those things. I believe if you do this, at the end of two months you’ll have a few more commission styles that you will have discovered, that you’ll enjoy providing.

    If this wouldn’t help for any reason please disregard it. šŸ™‚ It’s just what I would do/sorta have done.

    • Very sound advice for -sure! I’m currently waiting for one of the jobs my bf applied for to get back to him. Once he has a job, I’m cutting the work I take on by half, if not just quitting commissions all together and keeping my CushyPen and Fapp jobs. Otherwise I would 100% try this out, that or go back to school for a semester and get funding from that. Because yeah, I just need something that allows me to experiment enough until I have a substantial amount of examples as well as a better understanding of where I want to take my art.

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