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Why I Said No Adult Art, For Now

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I feel like adding this since people don’t seem to be understanding haha.

I don’t dislike adult art. I don’t dislike drawing it. I am going to continue making it, just not on my Carnival account for a while, at least not openly. Also no one is to blame. Don’t beat yourself up for my burnout. You guys had no idea I felt this way so you did nothing wrong!

The issue I face with adult art is that when I was drawing both adult art and clean art, people only cared about the adult stuff. Like I get it, sex sells, but it’s not the only thing I’m into. And even when all the art wasn’t mature, it had lots of mature undertones or was all heavily DL related and not the AB and clean babyfur stuff I enjoy drawing. It felt like no one was really there for my wholesome art first and my sexy art second.

It’s like this. It’s like owning a store where you sell both muffins and donuts equally. But since donuts are trendy and more well known and liked, people only ever come in for the donuts and just gloss over the muffins, not giving them a second thought. Sure some people buy the muffins, but only after buying a dozen donuts, and after I listed the muffins at 50% off.

I have this issue with everything I draw. I end up doing one thing, that thing is popular, then it’s all people want from me all the time. It’s all I have to show, it’s all people share, and it’s all people see. How are people supposed to know that I’m not into it when it’s all they see? How are they to know I like cute wholesome art when there’s only one wholesome image per seventy two dirty ones in my gallery? This is why I am cutting it off for now. I will still be drawing it, but on my terms. Mostly through YCHs or the random slot here and there.

So please, stop assuming I dislike adult content. Stop messaging me getting upset because I said I want to cut back. I never said I hated it, I never said I never want to draw it ever again. I simply want to take a break until I’m known for more than mature and DL diaper art.

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