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Mail Bag 1!

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Finally going to reply to a few of these. I know I’ve been behind but I feel like I’m both free enough and in a better place right now to answer these questions! Remember, you can ask me anything, either anonymously or openly, right here: Ask Me Anything – Bluffington

Yes I do! I haven’t had many questions yet minus a creep sending me threats and harassing me. He seems to have stopped however. This is the main reason I haven’t gone through these all yet. Was a lot of spam to sift through.

Personally, diapers don’t play a big role in my little side. For a while there I was very unsure as to where my little side fell. But now that I’m beginning to experiment more and test the waters, I do think I switch a little, but I’m mostly a kid regressor vs a baby regressor. As for advice, best thing I can say is to just try it out a little at a time. Maybe something as small as grabbing a “little” snack like Danimals or one of those apple sauce squeeze pouches. If you find yourself enjoying it more, go a little further. Buy yourself a plushie, get a paci, anything that you feel comfortable with. Then on top of that, I just advise chilling out and reading some blogs about regressors. Try Fetlife or even Tumblr! I follow a lot of regression blogs on Tumblr and they’re so much fun and help me get into the little mood. Maybe it will help you too!

For starters, nothing made me want to be an artist, I’ve been drawing since I had the ability to. My parents still have drawings I did when I was 2-3. As for what got me into drawing diapers, I guess it was just natural. As I’ve mentioned on this blog before, I’ve always had an interest in them since I was a little kid. I kinda got over it when I got a little older, but meeting furries who had interests in diapers made me want to pick it up again. I’m also happy to hear you like my dragons! I spend a lot, and I mean a lot of time drawing. Everyone is bound to get good at something they put work and effort into after time!

Oh man, yes. I used to be an avid reader. Sadly I lack the free time now a days, but I try to when I can. I know it’s already popular, but I always advise the Warrior Cats books. It’s cheesy at times and there has been a few mistakes here and there, but over all it’s just harmless fun. It’s about cats who live in different clans that are always on the brink of war as well as their struggles within their clans and nature. Each series usually has it’s big story and theme with small branching moments. Lots of sadness, edge and drama.

Next series would be the Redwall series, especially with a new Netflix show on the horizon. Though it’s a series, very few of the books follow one another. More like a book series on a world vs characters. Each book is about a different character or cast and their struggle against some force of evil. It’s very medieval in theme with stories of swords, defending castles, overthrowing evil kings and so on. It’s very whimsical but also enthralling.

Last I’ll advise is also a series of sorts, but not to the degree of the other two above. The first book is called “Firebringer.” It’s about a deer with the power of the Sight who was born into a prophecy to lead his herd and to remove an evil ruler. His power gives him subtle but special abilities as he uses them and his friends to help guide him to resolve the prophecy. It’s very dark and eerie, think “Watership Down” but with deer. It’s my favorite book of all time.

My close second favorite book is its successor, “The Sight”. This book goes more into the power of the Sight, which the book mentions all animals once had. It’s about a pair of wolf siblings, Larka and Fell, who are both the main characters in a new prophecy. Larka must make it to a very specific place in the world before an evil wolf, Morgana, uses the power of the Sight to take over both the world of the living and the dead. The wolves and their family set out on a journey to protect the two pups and to put a stop to Morgana. It sounds dumb but it’s so moving and it really shaped who I was growing up. There is a sequel book as well, Fell, which I started reading but never finished.

And that’s it for this mail bag! Feel free to ask me anything! If it’s a really good question, I might just make a whole post about it!

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