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Updating My Art Station

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Hey all! This post will be dedicated to logging progress made on my new art station. The majority of my free money is going to upgrading this area so that I have a comfortable space to do my work in. As of now, I only have a small computer desk that is not very stable for projects outside of digital work. I hope to use this area to work on traditional art, draw on my ipad, and begin work on crafts to sell in my shop!

I want to be transparent as possible so people know that I’m not wasting this money on anything other than this area and things like food/rent. Plus it helps both you guys and myself visualize the goal! It’s always nice to see where your money is going to when you donate/help people out!

If you’d like to donate, consider donating to my kofi or purchasing art packs from my gumroad(s)

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(6) – Your Ko-fi

Baby Cactus helping build the bookshelves!

Using an old desk for now, hoping to upgrade soon and use this one for resin casting and sealing art outside. Book shelves finished though!

Went to IKEA to get some pin boards, LED lights and item holders. The hutch came in as well! Also this is all a place holder for now.

I know it might seem trivial, but that LED strip is a life saver. I have no celling lights in my house. When I work on traditional art, having a light source from above is essential. Other lights cause a massive shadow to be casted over the area I’m working in. I’ve tried lamps but nothing fits on the desk or just takes up room.

Yeah marker holders came in! Just need about 6 more cases @w@

Wrong size sigh.

This was the biggest roadblock so far. I have a /ton/ of scrapbook paper I really need to have displayed. It’s a huge waste of time having to flip through my 10+ pads of paper to find a pattern I need, especially when I need to use several pieces for one project. I really needed something to display them that stacked and didn’t take up too much room. I bought these from the dollar tree as they said they were 12×12 online. Sadly they were not, they were 12×9.

Even worse, they could not be returned and I ordered 24 of them (I needed 18 and could only order in amounts of 12). I was at a loss of what to do until I figured out a solution. I donated all but two to my family member’s school. I figured teachers have it hard, I’m sure some would appreciate free paper trays.

Whoo finally!

I /finally/ found some paper holders made for 12×12 scrapbooking paper. Sadly these were VERY expensive. They’re designed to be used with IKEA bookshelves and are made of pure, solid wood. Each one ran about $120. Though expensive, they were literally the only option and they work perfectly! Nano and I tried making out own holders but absolutely nothing worked. At least I’m done with this step.

Sticker books came in! As I’m sure a few of you have seen, I have an outrageous amount of stickers in my life. I use them for crafts but as of the past 10+ years, I’ve kept my massive collection in various plastic, ziplock bags. It’s such a pain to have to drag all my bags out, dig through them and sift through dozens of sheets just to find the one I’m looking for. So I finally decided I’ve had enough and I got some sticker books with help from selling art packs! They’re soooo nice. I can finally just look through them and pick out the stickers I want! Sadly I’m going to need like, 10 of these, but I’m also trying to make my own books for my smaller stickers. Wish me luck!

New printer get!

A very messy box of beads.

Time for another big update! Work on the ol’ art desk has been slow. Recently, I’ve gotten into resin crafts! It’s a fun way for me to be more creative as well as make a little bit of funds on the side to fuel my hobbies. It’s been very stressful and obnoxious, but I do think I’m getting better at it every time I craft! Things have mostly been slow due to the fact that resin takes so long to cure. To make and finish a single piece takes 2 days of curing.

Another thing I got recently is a new printer! This one will allow me to print things like stickers, digital badges, and charm art from home! I use these in my resin crafts as well as other commissions. And, bonus, it has a massive scanner that can actually accommodate my larger images!

Then you can see all of the molds I’ve grabbed thus far in my resin adventures! I use most of these to make things like shaker charms and keychains. I can make customs so feel free to ask if interested.

Next to mention is all the beads I’ve recently acquired. Along with making resin keychains and charms, I’ve been making custom chains and accessories to accompany the resin items I make. My mom originally taught me how to make these and after we had a fun day learning how to make them again, she decided to let me have her bead collection. I was of course super thankful, but the box is a mess. That’s where all the storage containers come in hand! I’m going to spend some off time in the next few days relocating all these beads. It’s a nightmare combing through them all.

So next I plan to reorganize everything and take some pictures of the whole desk. Things I really need still are more marker holders, more sticker books and I’d love to finish off a completed set of copic markers. I love prisma but copics just blend better and have a wider variety of colors.

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