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How Can I Attract People to My SFW Art?

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Hey guys, sorry again for the slow posts. I’ve just been really down in the dumps lately. I really want to have fun and be crafty, but it’s hard to justify my spending and my hobby when no one will buy the things I make. They just take up room in my house when they don’t sell and I just kinda feel like throwing them all away. I know that’s the lame depression talking, but sometimes it’s very loud.

I just get so happy when I’m able to be super creative, it’s a blast! But I’m the only provider for my household right now and I can’t justify spending too much time and money on having fun. Honestly as of now I can’t really afford any fun. Sure I have downtime, but it’s hard to take time to craft when I still need to make an attempt to be social. Then there’s still the problem of a lack of space.

I’d really love some advice on how I can attract people to my crafty art. I’d do anything to be able to support myself and my household with my craft works.

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  • Hey. So, I didn’t want to reply with this on your more active places because it’s gonna sound like quite a nuclear action. And it’s not one I have taken. But if you truly want to get an audience for your SFW art, honestly? I think going nuclear is the only option. By this I mean, delete all your profiles, don’t tell anyone which your new profiles will be. And I mean no one. If babyfurs/Littles follow you, soft block them. I’m including people like myself. Until you have a solid base of non-diaper or littlefurs (in the couple of thousand) who commission you regularly, completely step away from any such content in a very major manner. Even so, it will probably take a couple of years.

    Especially on Twitter, it’s all algorithms. If babyfurs follow you, a lot of other people won’t follow you by default (because of your followers.) If you want to become a non-kink artist I think this is the fastest way to reinvent yourself. You can let diaperfurs and littlefurs follow you once your base is solidly outside of that sphere, but the moment you draw a single diaper you’ll be extremely quickly back to where you are now.

    At least this is the way I feel it is. I have too many littlefur friends so I could never do this. But the reason (IMO) that so many of us struggle with the exact problem you are having, is that once the base is established, you have to completely nuke your presence in a manner that includes curating your followers for a while and pretend it’s just not you. And it’s a long game to pretend. But personally, I don’t think there is another way, so I’ve just embraced my situation because I love to draw kidfurs. If I have to draw diapers sometime too, well, so be it… unlike you I never drew NSFW so my issue is only that I am forever locked as a babyfur artist, and I think I always will be unless I take the nuclear option I described (but I won’t.)

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