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My Comfort Characters

Below is a list of my favorite characters and a little bit of what they mean to me.

I want to add that though I do not see myself as a fictionkin or any other form of kin, I do have my own personal reasons for finding comfort in these characters. I know I do not own them, but they mean a lot to me personally and I hope you all understand!

Also, though I talk about these characters, project through them or find comfort in them, I do understand they are fake and not real. I also often age them up when it comes to my head canons and art depicting them. No nsfw art I draw of these characters will ever have them depicted as under age or on model.

Roger Klotz

Roger is probably my favorite character of all time. So much so that he’s the inspiration for my new persona/name. Around 2014, I decided to change from Shadowpelt to Klotzzilla as a means to form a more unique image online. The name coming from both Roger’s last name as well as a version of him that appeared in one of the earlier episodes of the show “Doug”. In the episode, Doug depicts Roger as a Godzilla like monster, aptly named “Klotzzilla”. I thought it was pretty cute and fit me well, so I adopted it as my new brand name online.

As a character, he means a lot to me in so many ways. For starters, Doug will always be one of my favorite shows. When I was young, it was one of the cartoons my dad enjoyed watching. Because of this, we’d often sit down and watch it together. Even before my love for Roger specifically came about, I was already fond of the show he came from.

The first time I got overly attached to the character was when I came home from a rough night out. I had a visit from my ex and she brought up some bad feelings in me. I wasn’t yet over her and she had a way of making me feel like a bad person. My parents were asleep and my sister was out, so I decided to chill and watch some tv while I had a little cry. The first thing I decided to put on was TeenNick’s “The 90s Are All That”, which was new at the time. Their current block for the night was a 4 hour marathon of Doug. I loved the show a ton, so I decided to sit back and watch as I worked through my emotions.

It didn’t take me long to really get into it and especially Roger. I’ve always had a thing for bully characters and I loved all the things he was into. It helped that I related to him a lot, often seeing myself as a bad person at the time. I also loved that many episodes showed a side of him that was sad or lonely, making him even more relatable. Over all, watching Roger in all those episodes that night really helped to improve my mood. Really gave me a character that could always calm me down or make me happy. I was often depressed back then and I needed a character I could use to get away and immerse myself in.

Then, as with a lot of characters I adore, I felt myself projecting through him. Both in the show and in art. I love drawing Roger because I feel like I can live part of me through this fictional character. Draw them doing things I want to do or things I find hot. This way I can project my feelings through them without it being a picture of myself or my persona.

It also doesn’t help that for a fictional character in a kids’ show, he’s pretty developed, especially in ways that interest me. He loves shows for kids and often reminds me of a little, is an artist, enjoys being a literal clown with his dad, likes ballet and can both dances and performs music, plus so much more. He’ll forever be my fav with a canon depiction of things that mean a lot to me. Not to mention hardcore gay vibes plus being pretty feminine. Gave me a positive image of going against gender norms and I needed that when I was younger. Roger helped me though one of the toughest times for me as a young adult and I will always have a special place in my heart for him.


Not too unlike Roger, I was interested in the show Fairly Odd Parents before my love of Vicky. I watched it a ton as a kid and would continue to watch new episodes into my adulthood. I even used to draw fanart when I was younger. It was while looking back on one of these older pieces did I remember how much I loved the idea of shipping Vicky and Timmy as a kid. It got me reminiscing about old head canons and in an instant I was wrapped up in the show and that ship again.

Now that I was older and had easier access to a computer, I immediately dove into the FOP (Fairly Odd Parents) fandom and made some wonderful friends. It was an especially nice distraction from my failing relationship. My gf at the time wanted a break and I only later found out she had been sleeping around and dating other people while living with me. It caused me a lot of emotional stress and depression back then.

One night, before I had kicked her out of the house, she had left to meet up with her other boyfriend at the time. I ended up inviting some new friends I met over on a whim and we ended up having an amazing night! That day, I ended up forming a bond with my friend Riley. From that sleepover onward, we would roleplay and make up stories about Vicky, Chip Skylark and our OCs, spending almost every waking moment talking FOP and hanging out.

Through most of this, Vicky was a huge outlet of mine. I would shamelessly commission and draw self insert art of us, write stories and even filled my room with tons of FOP merch. In my head, I had developed her into a really cool, bad ass character I could use to explore attractive ideals I idolized. And in a way, her being the villain of FOP made her all the better when I would view her in a positive light. Again, not unlike Roger, I saw a lot of myself in her. I didn’t a very healthy view of myself back then and to redeem a character that in the show, was horrible, made me feel like I was worth redeeming as well. Because if I found the villain of a show fun and attractive, maybe others could see me that way as well.

Jack Spicer

Just as was the case with Vicky and Roger, my new found interest in Jack came after I discovered Xiaolin Showdown. But it came none the less. Jack was the first character I found myself drawing a ton of after obtaining a computer for the first time. Hell, XS (Xiaolin Showdown) was my first fandom as well as the first time I ever found myself surrounded by new online friends. It was some of the best years of my life, drawing Jack and Chase ship art (Chack), doing art trades and entering DA contests.

Another reason Jack means a lot to me is because he’s partially responsible for making me realizing I wasn’t cis. One of the first things I discovered in the XS fandom was fanfiction. I had no idea that there might be people out there not only creating custom art, but custom stories as well. Needless to say I dove in head first. One of the first fics I got super into, and this is embarrassing to admit, was about Chase getting Jack pregnant. It had less to do with the pregnancy and more due to the fact that Jack in the fic was intersex. I knew such things existed before my journey through, but it never occurred to me that people could choose to depict characters as such.

I remember I would print out chapters of the fic at school or at home when my dad wasn’t around. I’d keep the story saved in my school folder and would read it over and over again. I was obsessed with the idea of Jack being intersex. It made me feel comfortable with my own budding feelings towards gender and sexuality. That fic, along with furry porn, helped me realize I was trans and agender. Seeing people react positively to an intersex Jack really made me want to open up to others about experimenting with gender.

Additional characters that mean a lot to me, but aren’t as personal.

Though these characters don’t have big reasons behind my love for them, they are still some of my favorites and bring me great joy. Ryoko actually being my all time favorite character! Most of the love I get from these characters comes from past times in fandoms, great childhood fondness or a weird role models when I was young. They’ll always be favorite of mine that I will always love.

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