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Mail Bag 1!

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Finally going to reply to a few of these. I know I’ve been behind but I feel like I’m both free enough and in a better place right now to answer these questions! Remember, you can ask me anything, either anonymously or openly, right here: Ask Me Anything – Bluffington... Read More

New Friends Acquired!

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After waiting too long, my new plush pals came in the mail! They came in Monday actually but just been too busy to make a post! When they came in on Monday, I worked quick on giving them some proper baths. I wanted to make sure all of us were... Read More

New Friends on the Way

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So in my quest to indulge my little side more, I decided to get 2 new plushies. Not that I don’t already have a ton, but I want 2 new friends that are blank canvases. I really want us to grow as friends together UwU Here they are. Found them... Read More

My Little Side Part.2

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TL;DR for part 1: Basically I’ve always liked things branded for babies and kids. Thought nothing of it until I became a furry and met other ABDL furs. Tried to explore it more but partner and friends at the time publicly shamed me for my interest in ABDL. Though I... Read More

My Little Side part.1

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Sorry this is so long! I’m gunna break it into 2 parts to give you all a break! I just wanted to explain my feelings on being a little. So the other day, I was replying to a twitter post from Sabaw. I mentioned being more of a kidfur than... Read More

Fabric Shopping

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Recently, my boyfriend talked to me more about his interest in making/designing clothes. He’s totally the type to pick up stuff like sewing easily. So after talking about it more, he decided one of the things he wanted to make first would be some stockings for the holidays! Due to... Read More