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Little Tokyo

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A while back, when Covid was starting to look better, Nano and I decided to take a fun trip to Little Tokyo. I freaking love it there and the pandemic had me itchy to visit again. See, up until then, we’d go to visit frequently. Often to grab some lunch... Read More

Car Rides at Night

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I went with Nano for a ride to get some food tonight. I’m a little too high and he didn’t sleep well last night so we decided to get some fast-food. We tried a few places but everything was closed. So Nano decided to go to the Jack In The... Read More

KidZone’s Day at the Store

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So after asking Nano about 100 times if I was too embarrassing, I finally worked up the courage to start carrying a plush with me in public. It’s been something I’ve wanted to do for years now. I’ve been inspired both by people I follow who are brave enough to... Read More

Trip To Farmer’s Market

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So recently, Nano and our two friends, Uji and Peddy, all took a trip to Farmer’s Market and the Boulevard. I’ve been really itching to go to the sticker store for a while so we decided, why not make a day of it? It was loads of fun. Upon arriving... Read More

Charlie Brown Farms

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Recently, Nano and I took a little trip to Charlie Brown Farms (Charlie’s for short). We wanted to grab some quick gifties for our family, plus some shakes to go. It’d been a while since my last visit, probably since last year. Even though I knew we couldn’t stay long,... Read More

Fabric Shopping

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Recently, my boyfriend talked to me more about his interest in making/designing clothes. He’s totally the type to pick up stuff like sewing easily. So after talking about it more, he decided one of the things he wanted to make first would be some stockings for the holidays! Due to... Read More